Important information and indispensible resources for anyone interested in the welfare of the cats in their neighborhood.

Q&A/Feral Cat Myths
Answer to most of your questions about the TNR process. Sometimes, our preconceived notions are mistaken. Look here for several commonly-held myths about feral cats and their habitats.

Feral Cat Shelters
It is very important your cat colony has adequate shelter. A solid shelter will allow them to get away from the wind, rain and snow.

Cat Deterrents
Many of the citizens we have spoken to do not want their visiting cats euthanized, they simply want them to stop coming onto their property. Here are several methods to prevent cats from trespassing.

Our Greatest Fans
From time to time we receive heartwarming stories from caretakers that simply need to be shared. These letters tugged at our heartstrings and reinforced that we can make a difference one cat at a time.

Fostering &
Information about fostering feral cats, and more information from

TNR Link is a site that provides important information regarding Trap, Neuter and Return sites across the US.