Feral Feline Project Goes International
Looking for new homes for rescued cats and dogs from Doha, Qatar.

Normally, Feral Feline Project does most of its work in the North Suburban Chicagoland area. This consists of trapping, spaying/neutering feral cats and kittens, and adopting out those kittens that are the normal by-product of such an operation.

Several years ago, one of our volunteers went to Doha, Qatar in the Middle East to visit her son who was working there on contract. What she saw was a situation with stray and feral cats very similar to many other places, not only in the world, but this country as well. She volunteered her time to TNR some cats in a very bad situation and this led to her son and his wife also becoming dedicated to this endeavor.

Now finished with their time in Doha, the couple has six foster cats and two foster dogs that they were unwilling to dump back into an already overcrowded, rather hopeless situation in Doha when they left. So they have paid to have them shipped back to the USA. Now we are faced with finding homes for these lovely animals, which deserve the chance here that they could not find in Qatar. All the dogs and cats are fully vetted for travel to the US and have become healthy happy pets in foster care.

Contact Feral Feline Project at Feralfelineproject.org for more information on Maggie, Starla, Theodore and others. They are also featured on Petfinder.com under Adoptables Feral Feline Project or visit our Facebook Page