About Us


Started in 2007

Feral  Feline Project started with two women in the summer of 2007. They  understood that need for spay and neutering of all outdoor cats was not  being met. Local governments were still trapping and killing or doing  nothing to address the feral cat issue. Caretakers were at a loss as  they were unable to afford spay and neuter and if they took them to a  shelter, the cats were most likely euthanized. Trap Neuter Return (TNR),  allowed them to still care for the colony cats, but halt the birth of  kittens. Since then, we have added on many more generous volunteers,  helping every lit bit they can. Since 2007,we have TNR 'd 3000+ cats and placed 1400+ kittens in furever homes since 2011. 


3000+ TNRs & 1400+ adoptions!

We are a team of all volunteers that work hard educating,  fundraising and helping citizens TNR their colonies. We educate and  encourage TNR to local governments and now with the Cook County Managed  Care of Feral Cats Ordinance, TNR will hopefully be more accepted from  village to village. We would like to thank all the caretakers that feed,  water and provide shelter for their colony cats every day. No matter  the weather or what is going in their life, they always find time to  take care of their colony.


Board of Directors

Roberta Fracassi, President

Linda Wang, Secretary
Denise Perdziak, Treasurer

Heather Muller, TRN Manager

Phyllis Wharton, Director of Adoptions

Nicole Hall, Adoption Manager